Monday, April 11, 2016

Guilty Chromosomes

Guilty Chromosomes

Deoxyribonucleic acid is the culprit.
Therefore I plead the fifth.
The blood that pulses through my veins
I can’t do a thing with.

I love with the heart of a lion
Until you lead me into a snare.
I trust you with my all
Unless you show me you do not care.

Through your actions and your deeds
The double-stranded helix will then take the lead
Warding off all hurt and sorrow
Strangling your chances of crushing me tomorrow

Or any other time for that matter…

Never again will you access my cardiac rhythm
Surrendering it to you causes me to tremble
The chromosomes that resides in my cells
Will no longer allow you to put me through hell.

Therefore I plead the fifth when asked to testify
Because I cannot speak honestly without implicating myself
My chromosomes are guilty but my heart is safe.
Back in my possession a guarded place.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trail Mix of Life

Trail Mix of Life

The trail is mixed with the sweetness of success and the saltiness of failure.
Each of these tiny morsels we must savour no matter the flavor.

Reaping the benefits of each of its pieces. Experience is the fiber of life. Whether salty or sweet, there is a purpose for each.

The trail of life is mixed with disappointments and triumphs. Digest each morsel...
Allow it to nourish your destiny.
No matter how bitter or sweetie this trail mix of life makes me who I am meant to be.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Bewildered by these incessant emotions Disillusioned by this misplaced devotion
To circumstances beyond my understanding
A truce between my heart and mind is what my life is demanding.
Living a lie and longing for truth
Bewildered by how this type of bond developed between us two
Against all odds through storm and rain
The love I feel remains the same.
Wrapped in uncertainty surrounded by doubt
No matter the reason I want to see what the confusion is all about


Friday, May 30, 2014

Composition to a Confidant, Lover, and Friend

I guess I am going to have to give you up
One of my greatest loves
The thing that has soothed my soul and calmed my fears
For so many years and in so many situations
The melodies that have rocked me to sleep on the worst of days
Made me dance on the greatest of occasions

When nothing else could soothe my spirit you’ve always been there
Not judging the situation but providing peace of mind in the midst of turmoil

It’s crazy how you use to clear my head of the things I could not control
Now every word I hear within your lines reminds me
Of a situation that has me totally perplexed.
Even the tunes without words make drift in mind to …

Music, my first lover, have you forsaken me?
Why do your compositions reminding  me
Of a time when I felt free, confident and loved
Only to be jolted back to the reality that this was not mine to keep?

Music, my muse, your inspiration keeps taking back to that which I should forget.
Shouldn’t I?
What are you trying to tell me my lifelong friend?
Am I not getting the message?

 I will continue to listen because you have not failed me yet.
I just have one request
Please speak to our mutual friend as well
Encourage them to share themselves.
Whether it is through you or directly
Answers and clarification is the path to a clear mind.

Music, my friend I need you today!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Agony of indecision
Shadows of despair
longing for our conversation
Realizing you're no longer there
Memories of the feelings
elicited by our connection
Concern about your wellbeing
Longing for your presence
Fear of failure has triumphed
In a war against my past distress
The barrier meant for protection
Has caused cardiac unrest.
The heart that is so fragile
Now aches behind these walls
The mind that's usually agile
Has now choked and stalled
Stuck on a freeway of loneliness
Toward a deserted dead end street
Sacrificing my happiness
As a result of past deceit
Should I chalk this up to a lesson learned?
Or push for another chance?
The right direction can not be discerned.
Until I dig my heart from the sands
You gave me glimpse of what I once was
The hope of what I'll again be
Our meeting was orchestrated from above
Love in my heart for you is for eternity.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Journey of Hope

Each time the screen illuminates
I smile in hopes that it's your face I see
It's reading your kind words that brighten my days
Giving life to the hope inside of me.

The desire I feel inside is one I thought had expired.
To lay in your arms and experience your presence
Longing to be soothed by your effervescence.

Of All the anguish I have allowed to take over my heart
The pain I've internalized...Can it now depart?
To a place of darkness where I will no longer reside
Filling me with light rather than being empty inside

The presence of your name in my inbox
Or your picture across my screen.
Chips away at the concrete encasing of my emotions
And the fear suppressing my dreams

Illusions of a place and time were happiness was sublime
No longer a distant image of days and times gone by.
Dreaming of a journey with destination yet unknown
From cyber space to face to face; possibilities untold.

Monday, March 25, 2013



As I close my eyes to clear my head
Visions of you enter instead.
Glimpses of your effervescent smile.
Thoughts of your presence across the miles.

The aroma of your aura consumes my nostrils.
Imagining your caress it all seems possible.

That I...

Can almost taste your sweet saliva on my lips.
Feel your massive hands on my hips.
My imagination running wild...
Producing giggles resembling a child.

Overflowing with radiant bliss

Just from your soft touch or a gentle kiss.
Random visions traverse through my cerebrum
Leaving me longing for freedom.

My mind struggles to resist
But the mental and physical desire continues to persist.

Acquaintance has not yet been made.

Your countenance have not yet my eyes laid.
Continuously visualizing that one sweet day
Recognizing its inevitability so come what may.

An unexplainable mind-body connection,
Is it destiny or some absurd obsession?
Or possibly a piece of existence,
That we we've been  missing?

The undeniable communing of our spirits is out of this world.
The level of discernment makes my head swirl
Words, thoughts, ideas, experiences
Can all of this possibly be a coincidence?

The yearning to know is more than I can bare.
Curiosity will linger until a face to face glance we share
Is it love, lust or loneliness...all of the above is my guess.
Until we decipher this celestial mystery neither of us will rest.

So putting common sense aside
Detouring from where right and wrong reside
Following the gravitational pull and celestial alignment.
Pursuing our own yearning to a place of fulfillment...

Like a moth to a flame we may be scorched by the fire
But the satisfaction of the attraction is needed to quench the desire.
To live out our the mental fantasies
To turn our dreams into reality