Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Time to Heal

You chased and pursued despite being ignored.
Everything I did you wanted to be on-board.
Your persistence was commendable 
Down right adorable...
But upon gaining my trust your actions became deplorable
Your motives were either impure or had been rearranged.
No matter the reason the fact remains
Things have changed

The irony of it all is this...

You caring spirit keeps you from taking care of my heart 
So from your possession it will forever depart.
Placed deep inside with no doors or windows to be accessed

You've tried to regain entry and I have seriously considered letting you in
Forgiveness is where I begin.  

Then all of a sudden and out of the blue
The culprit from the past opens a fresh wound.
Digging deeper than ever rocking me to the core.
Still can't believe they had the nerve to darken the door.
What makes it worse you took the time to converse, gave access to our facilities 
And walked them to what should have been their hearse

This time you've taken it too far.
Be the bigger person you say?
That can only happen if one of us goes away.

Despite it all I still had hope but as I reflect on it all I was definitely on that dope.

Intoxicated by the illusion of happily ever after
Shot up with the smack of  for better or worse
Floating on the cannabis cloud of it will get better
Tweaking on the fantasy of keeping the family together.

All the mind altering societal word drugs making me numb to my desires 
watching my dreams destroyed and consumed by the fire...

Of your lies, betrayal, and deceit
Unable to stand your ground it's time to take several seats.

Like the Phoenix from the ashes I will rise again 
Because everything  is not always as it seems in the beginning at the end.

Thursday, May 18, 2017



Dirt roads and hot wheels
Cookouts and family meals
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July
Memories made as days go by.
Family fun and times of despair
Through thick and thin your always there.

To build us up and support us all
Handing out tough love while protecting us when we fall.
The branches expand but the roots still stand.
A foundation unwavering as we walk hand in hand.

Remember your beginnings on your road to success.
Placid we began, solid we remain, connections maintained,  legacy sustained.


The light cascades through the window reflecting softly on your face. I watch your chest rise and fall as  life-giving fluid circulates throughout your tiny body.

Praying for a future so much better than my own. One of love, light, laughter and success.  One that allows you to experience everything good you desire.

Using obstacles as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.  That your heart store no hurt or malice. Striving for success while walking in your blessings.
Wisdom, Knowledge, Intuition and a Pure and Loving Heart is my wish for you.

Sleep my love...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The smile on my face hides the pain in my heart.

The confidence in my words masks the doubt in my soul.

I'm trapped in an existence created by the ones that I love.

Hanging on by a thread connected only to the Creator above.

Daily I do what's expected of me but much of this is not where I want to be. 

Most believe I have the strength of a 1000 men when in reality their are places in my heart that may never mend. 

This polymorphic existence compares only to David Banner with the Hulk festering inside.

Eventually the pain within will seep to the outside.

Revealing the weak, pathetic existence within.

But then and only then can I begin again.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Guilty Chromosomes

Guilty Chromosomes
Deoxyribonucleic acid is the culprit.
Therefore I plead the fifth.
The blood that pulses through my veins
I can’t do a thing with.
I love with the heart of a lion
Until you lead me into a snare.
I trust you with my all
Unless you show me you do not care.
Through your actions and your deeds
The double-stranded helix will then take the lead
Warding off all hurt and sorrow
Strangling your chances of crushing me tomorrow
Or any other time for that matter…
Never again will you access my cardiac rhythm
Surrendering it to you causes me to tremble
The chromosomes that resides in my cells
Will no longer allow you to put me through hell.
Therefore I plead the fifth when asked to testify
Because I cannot speak honestly without implicating myself
My chromosomes are guilty but my heart is safe.
Back in my possession a guarded place.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trail Mix of Life

Trail Mix of Life

The trail is mixed with the sweetness of success and the saltiness of failure.
Each of these tiny morsels we must savour no matter the flavor.

Reaping the benefits of each of its pieces. Experience is the fiber of life. Whether salty or sweet, there is a purpose for each.

The trail of life is mixed with disappointments and triumphs. Digest each morsel...
Allow it to nourish your destiny.
No matter how bitter or sweetie this trail mix of life makes me who I am meant to be.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Bewildered by these incessant emotions Disillusioned by this misplaced devotion
To circumstances beyond my understanding
A truce between my heart and mind is what my life is demanding.
Living a lie and longing for truth
Bewildered by how this type of bond developed between us two
Against all odds through storm and rain
The love I feel remains the same.
Wrapped in uncertainty surrounded by doubt
No matter the reason I want to see what the confusion is all about